2020-2021 Volleyball & Flag Football Teams

All-State Varsity Flag Football Tournament Team 2020-2021

Jacobey Thompson (Aristoi Classical Academy)
Robert McElroy (Aristoi Classical Academy)
Seth Thompson (Aristoi Classical Academy)
Brandon Stafford (Aristoi Classical Academy)
Michael Perkins (Aristoi Classical Academy)
Austin Madrid (Great Hearts Northern Oaks)
Brendan Smith (Great Hearts Northern Oaks)
Aaron Guerra (IDEA College Prep Weslaco)
Jonathan Cavasos (IDEA College Prep Weslaco)
Nathaniel Alvarado (IDEA College Prep Weslaco)
Hector Herrera (Uplift Peak Preparatory)
Lamarcus Casey (Uplift Peak Preparatory)
Alejandro Morales (Uplift Peak Preparatory)
Randy Vasquez (Uplift Peak Preparatory)
Servando Morales (Uplift Peak Preparatory)
Larry Serrano (Uplift Peak Preparatory)

All-State Varsity Volleyball Tournament Team 2020-2021

Madilynne Whitfield (Founders Classical Academy Leander)

Charis Kelly (Founders Classical Academy Leander)

Teresa Inman (Founders Classical Academy Leander)

Audrey Brock (Founders Classical Academy Leander)

Adelaide Westenhaver (Founders Classical Academy Leander)

Allison Loy (Founders Classical Academy Leander)

Amari Graham (IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

Kloey Starnes (IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

Jazlyn Graham (IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

Lauryn Durrah (IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

Ajaree Massaquoi (IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

Karolina Mella (IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

Hannah Milczarek (Aristoi Classical Academy)

Katja Reavis (Aristoi Classical Academy)

Payten England (Aristoi Classical Academy)

Gisselle Fernandez (IDEA College Prep Alamo)

Sandra Perez (IDEA College Prep Alamo)

Linda Ruiz (IDEA College Prep Alamo)

All-State Varsity Boys Basketball Tournament Team 2020-2021
Kejohn Atkins (Leadership Prep School)

Landon Terfehr (Leadership Prep School)

CJ Luster (Leadership Prep School)

Gabriel Castillo (IDEA College Prep Weslaco)

Eugen Cruz (IDEA College Prep Weslaco)

Nathanieal Alvarado (IDEA College Prep Weslaco)

Josiah Chedotal (IL Texas Katy-Westpark HS)

Harrison Oriakhi (IL Texas Katy-Westpark HS)

Adrian Osuagwu (IL Texas Katy-Westpark HS)

Ryan Odom (IL Texas Katy-Westpark HS)

Fawaz Odunaku (IL Texas Katy-Westpark HS)

Timilehin Balogun (IL Texas Katy-Westpark HS)

All-State Varsity Girls Soccer Tournament Team 2020-2021

Maria Barrientos (IDEA Toros College Preparatory)

Miranda Cano (IDEA Toros College Preparatory)

Amelia Echeverry (IDEA Toros College Preparatory)

Feabie Mendiaz (IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

Allison Reece (IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

Kloey Starnes (IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

Isabel Galvan (KIPP Austin Collegiate)

Monserrat Lopez-Chavez (KIPP Austin Collegiate)

Melanie Rivera (KIPP Austin Collegiate)

Stacey Beltran (KIPP Houston HS)

Arleny Reyes (KIPP Houston HS)

Serena Reyes (KIPP Houston HS)

All-State Varsity Boys Soccer Tournament Team 2020-2021

Jesus Castelan (IDEA Toros College Preparatory)

Anderson Martinez (IDEA Toros College Preparatory)

Nicholas Morales (IDEA Toros College Preparatory)

Yakob Akiel (IL Texas Garland HS)

Brandon Carrillo (IL Texas Garland HS)

Sebastian Sanchez (IL Texas Garland HS)

Hazem Bekhiet (IL Texas Katy-Westpark HS)

Diego Mitterhofer (IL Texas Katy-Westpark HS)

David Orimolade (IL Texas Katy-Westpark HS)

Omar Castro-Rodriguez (KIPP Austin Collegiate)

Dereck Espinal (KIPP Austin Collegiate)

Jecsi Orellana (KIPP Austin Collegiate)

All-State Varsity Softball Tournament Team 2020-2021

(IDEA South Flores College Prep)

(IDEA South Flores College Prep)

(IDEA South Flores College Prep)

(IDEA South Flores College Prep)

(IDEA South Flores College Prep)

(IDEA South Flores College Prep)

(IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

(IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

(IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

(IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

(IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

(IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

(KIPP Houston East End)

(KIPP Houston East End)

(KIPP Houston East End)

All-State Varsity Baseball Tournament Team 2020-2021

Tyler Church (IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

Calen Graham (IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

Charles Hoover (IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

Brody Krolczyk (IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

AJ Rios (IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

Cecil Robles (IL Texas Keller-Saginaw HS)

Jonah Burton (KIPP Houston Generations Collegiate)

Miguel Cuellar (KIPP Houston Generations Collegiate)

Matthew Monreal (KIPP Houston Generations Collegiate)

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